1. Generally

Respect for your privacy and the protection and security of your personal data are for Shinefashion  priority. The Company has established this Data Protection Policy, which includes Policy  Cookies  . In order to inform you who visit or buy from  , or become a member of us or subscribe to our Newsletters subscriber list, or in any other capacity you use the services of Shinefashion or participate in its promotions or other actions, or use the social media of Shinefashion.

  • For the type of data it collects or produces for you.
  • The purpose of collecting and processing your data.
  • How to process this data.
  • Their recipients and the purpose of their processing.
  • For your rights and choices in your personal data.
  • How to contact us for any issues that may concern you in relation to your personal data.
  1. Modifications:

This version was updated on 12/12/2020. This Policy supersedes all previous disclosures we may have made in the past regarding our information practices.  Any possible future change of the above regulatory framework will be the subject of this. We therefore reserve the right to change this statement and to make any changes to your data and our practices regarding its collection and processing. In accordance with the law, or to modify or replace all or part of this Policy at our sole discretion.


If there are substantial changes to this Policy or our data practices may change in the future. We will notify you by announcing the changes on our website. However, if you would like any clarification or information regarding the changes, you can contact us. Please note that any information / clarification provided to you in accordance with the above. With respect to any changes to this Policy, it does not constitute a replacement, substitution or any modification of this Policy.

The continuation of your navigation on our website, or the use of our Services and / or the purchase through the Online Store. It also implies your automatic and unconditional acceptance of the amended terms of this policy. In case you do not agree with the modifications, you must not take any action or use of our website or purchase, much less the provision of personal data, and you have the right to request the deletion of your Account and your data. In any case for any information or clarification, you can contact us.

            Reasons we can clarify
  • Information about your Personal Data Processor as well as his / her contact details.
  • The type of data we collect about you and the collection methods.
  • The purpose of collecting and processing your personal data and the legal basis for processing.
  • The security measures we take to protect your personal data,
  • The period of keeping your personal data.
  • Your rights and how you access them, as well as your choices regarding the collection and processing of your data.
  • Protecting and storing your data.


  1. Who is the Processor?

The person under the name “Shinefashion” is in charge of the processing of your personal data. Where it is located at 26 Anagenniseos, Thessaloniki, Greece (Tax Identification Number: 028999068 / Tax Office of Thessaloniki), tel. 2310-550856.

  1. Contact the Company’s Personal Data Protection Coordinator

You can contact the Company’s Personal Data Protection Coordinator  in the email  and on the phone 2310 550856.

  1. Questions and Comments

You can contact us and submit your comments, questions  in relation to this Policy. You have the right to make any complaints regarding the protection of your personal data. To the Hellenic Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, which is the supervisory Authority in our country. You will find relevant details in the following link However, we consider it our duty and duty to manage any concerns regarding your personal data that we process, so we will be happy to contact you.


Personal data or information of a personal nature means any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. This data does not contain data that is anonymous.

  1. WHAT data we collect for you and  HOW  we collect them

While browsing our Online Store or Shinefashion Social Media, we collect various types of personal data about you. Either directly from you, or from third parties or which we collect or create by our own means (including automated media).

Indicatively, we collect the following personal data for you:

  • Identity Data:

    (name, username, member code or other similar identifier) that you provide to us. When submitting your order or when registering as a Member of Shinefashion etc ..

  • Contact Data:

    (landline or mobile phone, e-mail address and other contact information) that you provide to us. When submitting the order, opening an Account or in the context of receiving commercial communication from our Company.

  • Delivery Data: 

    Postal Address (street, number, postal code, city, country)

  • Financial data: 

    (bank account, transaction value, credit, refunds, debit or credit card details, billing address, etc.) that you provide to us. When paying by electronic means, in case of refund, which we infer from your purchases etc .. The registration of the card details, their confirmation and the final charge, are done in a secure environment (SSL). The website  in no case does he know, manipulate or store your card details.

  • Transaction / Market Data:

    (type of purchase products, transaction value, place of delivery, purchase history, method of payment. Information required in case of changes or re-credit of account such as bank account, name of beneficiary, etc.). We collect on your purchase and / or from your Account.

  • Consumer Behavior Data: 

    Consumer preferences when browsing the Online Store. That is, the items you see, your shopping cart, gift redemption, purchase frequency, type of purchase, etc .. Based on your shopping products, comments or any answers to our surveys.

  • Technical data: 

    For example, the source, the Internet Protocol (IP) address, time zone and location, logins, etc. For more details about the information we collect through cookies please refer to our policy below.

  • Login Data:

    In your Account  which is the username (which corresponds to the email) and the password.

  • Profile Data:

    As part of your participation in the Shinefashion loyalty program, we collect data. About your interests and consumer preferences and your activity as a member with Shinefashion.

  • Demographic Data: 

    Age, gender, place of residence, which are collected directly by the subject on a case by case basis in our Online Store, etc.

  • Data through  Cookies :

    Browser, IP address, country of origin of your order, products you browse in the Online Store, etc.

  • Marketing data: 

    Including your preferences regarding receiving promotional material from us. If we have your consent, your opinion about products you bought from us.

We do not knowingly collect any information from any person under the age of 15. Our services are aimed exclusively at people who are at least 15 years old. If you are under 15 years old, do not use or provide any information to us. Do not register as a Member, do not give us any information about your person. If we find that we have collected from a person under the age of 15, we will delete them immediately unless a parent or guardian has given their consent. If you think we may have information from or about a person under the age of 15, please contact us.

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Your Obligation to inform us of changes in your personal data.

It is important that the personal data we hold about you is up to date and accurate. Please let us know as soon as possible of any changes to your personal information.

We collect  DIRECTLY FROM YOU  the following personal data:
  • During the submission of the order  whether it is electronic or telephone. You must provide us with your name, shipping address, email, contact phone number and payment details. The registration of the card details, their confirmation and the final charge, are done in a secure environment (SSL). The website  in no case does he know, manipulate or store your card details.
  • During the  sign up  you in the list of recipients of the Company newsletters  ( Newsletter ),  give us your email.
  • During the  your registration in competitions  which from time to time is conducted by our Company, you provide us with your personal information.

When you contact us in the media  social networking of our Company.  With  Customer service department , you provide us with your personal information such as identity, contact, or transaction data, which we use on a case-by-case basis only to serve your request.

We collect with  AUTOMATED INSTRUMENTS  the following data and information about you.

  • By using cookies and other similar technologies we collect and / or create data about your preferences, such as the products you visit, the duration and frequency with which you observe certain products, the types of newsletters you open or not, their content and τyour interaction with us after each newsletter submission, your Wishlist, the type of products you purchase, the search terms you entered or the links you clicked into the Online Store, the products you place in the cart and do not complete the their market, country of origin, language, etc.
  • From your Account we create the history of your orders and your purchases, and from them we deduce your preferences. The frequency of your purchases by type, the value of the products you buy, the season in which you buy, etc.
  • Data about the devices through which you visit our website etc.
  • Data about the page you logged in from and the page you went to when you left.

We collect from  third parties  the following data and information about you:

  • We may receive your personal information such as name and email from a third party friend. Who told you in order to receive a gift voucher from us or to send you a gift.
  • In case you register in our service through a social networking platform. It’s possible  to collect your above personal data directly from the information you have provided on the platform.

Your personal data may be shared with us by independent third parties when they have the appropriate right to do so. In these cases you must be informed about the processing of your personal data by these third parties. These organizations may include social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter.

  1. HOW  we use your personal data.

All the above personal data which, as mentioned, you either provide to us compulsorily or voluntarily, or we collect from third parties or are produced by automated means, we use for the following legal purposes. Note that in the event that Community or national law restricts or prohibits certain actions of the Company. For which we use your data, we will cease to use the information that applies to you for these purposes.

In particular, your personal data is used by us for the following  purposes :

  • To receive your orders, process them, and send the products to you.
  • Contacting you for issues related to the sale of our products to you.
  • To manage, process and process your payments including the security of our financial transaction.
  • For your service as a Member of Shinefashion by opening your Account with us.
  • For the creation, storage and maintenance of a database with our clientele and its analysis.
  • To send you commercial communication via Newsletter, SMS, or other multimedia (VIBER). Concerning our Company news, products, offers and promotions.
  • To analyze your behavior and understand your preferences.
  • To understand and analyze the results of our ads and promotions.
  • To process your requests such as withdrawal, product replacement, etc.,
  • To satisfy your rights regarding your personal data.
  • For the security of transactions.
  • For business analyzes and improvements, such as for the marketing of our products and their optimization, for the optimization of your experience and your service by us in our Online Store, for the management of customer loyalty programs (Loyalty), as well as and to adapt your experiences in our Online Store.
  • For market research, statistical analysis, marketing strategy development and marketing campaign management, and for informing you or our partners about potential opportunities to participate in Shinefashion marketing initiatives or product promotions.
  • For other purposes for which we will notify you, or be identified, at the point where information about you is collected.

THE  Legal Basis  to use information about you is one of the following

  • THE  execution of a contract  in which you are a party.

For communication either at a pre-contractual stage or regarding issues concerning your transactional relationship with the Company. As during the purchase of one of our products in order to inform you about any unavailability of it, for the notification of the execution of the order, for the communication regarding the shipment of the product, to inform you about changes in our terms of use or the Privacy Statement and the other policies adopted by the Company.

For the fulfillment of our obligations arising from the Sales Contract, such as our payment, the issuance of documents, etc .. The Company may process your personal data, such as your address and contact details.

To participate in a contest or lottery as part of our promotions if you accept the terms of participation.

In particular, the Company may process your personal data such as your email and password. In order to secure your transactions, your email or your phone to contact you in case of a problem. Your phone for contacting you in case of problem / sticking during the execution of your order.

  • the  legitimate business interest  against which your interests in protecting information do not prevail.

Manage and protect our business and website.

To prevent and deal with cases of fraud and other illegal activities in order to protect the public and the safety of staff. Including the video surveillance system.

Provide you with access to your personalized account, where you can track your transactions, etc. The details and content of the user profile are visible to you at all times.

To offer you services that are useful, easy to use and enjoyable, including personalized communication with you. In the way you want and have stated, and products that interest you and are to your advantage.

To better understand our customer base  to be able to improve our services, products and promotions.

To better understand your shopping habits so that we can develop and improve our products and services and tailor the content of the site to your needs and preferences.


To measure the effectiveness of the presentation and promotion of the Company on third party websites.

To analyze the effectiveness of our sales promotion and to help promote more relevant messages, information and offers to you and other customers

For reasons of market research, evaluation and analysis of your opinion about our products.

For the collection and recovery of money debts to us.

To use data analysis tools in order to improve our website, products / services, our customer relationships.

When we rely on the legal interests of the Company as a legal basis for the processing and collection of your personal data. We must assess whether the fundamental rights that require the protection of your personal data prevail over this processing.

We have taken these issues into account and where we believe there is a risk that someone will affect your fundamental rights. We will not process your personal data unless we rely on some other legal processing basis.

  • Adherence  legal obligation  with which we are committed,

Within the framework of its activities, the Company is obliged to process your personal data. In order to comply with its obligations under the law. For example, in the use of your email for sending to it the confirmation of the execution of your order, etc.

  • If none of the above applies, the  consent  (which we will request before processing the information).

Your free and up-to-date consent is the legal basis for the use of your email and / or mobile phone. To send you direct commercial communication in the form of Newsletter to your emails. The updates for the news and the offers of Shinefashion with SMS / VIBER messages on your mobile phone.

  • Your email or mobile phone for the purpose of commercial communication via informative emails, SMS, VIBER etc. In the context of our customer relationship, if you buy from us, for the best customer service, etc.

To inform you about events, special offers, promotions etc. Concerning the Company and our products and services, according to the means of communication you have stated.

To inform you about offers or promotions of third parties cooperating with us, if you have given us the relevant consent.

To advertise our company and products on social media to you and other people.

In addition, based on your consent, we process the following:

Purpose of Processing

Data we process for this purpose

Legalization Processing Base

Member Registration – Account Creation – Shinefashion Account Management:

We process your data for:

  • Identify you each time you request access to your Account.
  • To give you access to the functions and services of the Member Account.
  • See the history of your orders and your purchases.
  • Use the services / functions of your Wishlist Account, favorites, address management, etc.
  • Managing the subscription to the list of recipients of Shinefashion Newsletters.
  • Sending newsletters in general and based on behavior and preferences. As they are recorded through the Cookies mechanism as well as from your transaction history.
  • Sending direct commercial communication via email, sms, viber or other multimedia, push notifications etc.
  • Conducting promotional activities eg organizing competitions.
  • The investigation of the degree of customer satisfaction from the provided products-services of Shinefashion.

A)  Identity Data

you tell us about creating your Shinefashion account:


  • Name Surname
  • Contact telephone (mobile)
  • Password
  • Date of birth


  • e-mail
  • Physical address
  • Date of name day

B) Transaction Data  (type of purchase, value, date of purchase, place of delivery, etc.)

C) Data  cookies  for  Wishlist

The legal basis for the processing is:

a) your consent  for your registration as a member of the Shinefashion loyalty program. You voluntarily provide your data.

b) our legitimate interest  for the security of your account and your identification where required. Which is also in your best interest to avoid fraud or a security incident.

c)  performance of a contract  governing the creation – management and operations of your Account.

Receive, Manage and Execute your order through  e shop  of Shinefashion  or by phone :

  • placing an order by the customer
  • order entry
  • product pricing
  • management of payments, fees and charges
  • delivery of products to the customer
  • withdrawal or return of product for another reason
  • processing and general order management
  • Contact with customer for updates, notifications regarding the order
  • Activate mechanisms to prevent fraud against you or against us.
  • To ensure your use of gift vouchers, etc.

A) Identity Data

  • Name
  • Last name

B) Delivery Data

  • Product delivery postal address (street, number, postal code, city, country)

C) Contact Data,

  • Mobile phone
  • e-mail

In case the call is recorded, you will be informed in advance with a relevant voice message.

D) Financial Data :

  • payment and card details

E) Transaction / Market Data

The legal basis for the processing is:

a) The execution of the contractual relationship 

undertaken by the Company to fulfill to you in the context of the purchase agreement. For example, it processes the delivery and purchase data for the shipment of the products to you, etc.

b) Compliance with the legal obligation  of .

It uses for example your email to send the confirmation of receipt of the order that it is obliged to send. Either processes the Transaction Data, Financial Data and Identity and Communication Data to fulfill the right of withdrawal.

c)  Legal interest

We process your email and password if you purchase through your Account to identify you. Phone to contact you for  problem during electronic payment or other sticking when completing the order.

d) Consent

in some data processing that you have voluntarily granted.

Customer service and management before or after the sale that includes:

  • Communication from the customer to the communication media of the Company.
  • Communication from the Company at the request of the customer to the information provided by the customer.
  • Customer service in general for issues related to the company, the e-shop, products, services, ordering. The competitions that each one implements, guarantees that it may provide, the social media of the company.
  • Complaints or clarifications
  • Exercise of rights
  • General management and optimization of the experience and user service in the e-shop
The processing s  for this purpose includes


(a) the absolutely necessary data that you give us when submitting your request, ie

  • Identity Data
  • Contact Data
  • Market Data
  • Information you provide to us related to  request  your

(b) data we develop about you.

In case the call is recorded, you will be informed in advance with a relevant voice message

The legal basis for the processing is:

a) Compliance with the legal obligation of the Company 

For the adoption of tools / means of customer service before and after the sale, for our answer to your questions related to the exercise of your rights.

b) The legal interest of the company

To respond to your requests that you submit to us through various communication channels. To optimize their service  its customers and provide its customers with the opportunity to communicate with it. As well as managing any of their issues in the best possible way based on their needs.

Any user can object  at any time from access to his personal information for this purpose. As e.g. for the data of its purchasing card for its service, declaring it to the customer service staff or otherwise or by contacting the Company.

c) Execution of a contract

If you contact us specifically for the management of issues related to your order

d) The consent of the customer 

For receiving communication from the Company for this purpose, when he asks the Company to contact him.

Advertising &  Marketing

  • Manage subscription to the list of recipients of Shinefashion Newsletters.
  • Sending newsletters in general and based on the behavior and preferences, as they are recorded through the Cookies mechanism.
  • Send direct commercial communication via email, sms, viber or other multimedia, push notifications etc.
  • Carrying out promotions, eg organizing competitions
  • Investigation of the degree of customer satisfaction from the provided products-services of Shinefashion.
For the purpose of advertising & marketing the company processes:


Identity Data

Contact Data

Transaction / Purchase Data

Data  Cookies ,

and / or a combination of the above.

For this purpose, our Company processes your email in combination with the products you saw in our store.

The legal basis for the processing is:

a) Legal interest

The Company to process the data of its customers that were provided to us in the context of a purchase or other transaction with us. For the purpose of direct commercial communication for related products or purposes. In particular, we also process your email and mobile phone for Shinefashion promotions. In case you become our customer by buying from our store and of course provided that you have not objected to sending such commercial communication. In these cases we have collected your email in the context of your purchase. Within the framework of our legal interest which consists in the promotion and promotion of our products. We can use the above to optimize your experience and display ads.

In case you are our customer and you have accepted the Cookies. That record what you have seen in our store or what you have forgotten in your cart. We may send you an email to remind you what you saw and what you left in your cart.

In these cases you can request the termination of the communication. By pressing the delete button ( unsubscribe ) in the email or in any case by contacting us.

b) Consent

In cases where you voluntarily provide us with your data, you authorize us to send you the newsletters via email, sms, viber and other multimedia, when you accept sending push notifications, when accepting both Remarketing Cookies and sending to email / sms / viber to send you a message about the products you saw during your visit to our store or left in your cart.

In addition, if you have accepted the Cookies, we will approach you by promoting the products you saw in the e-shop of Shinefashion.

Business analysis and improvements for:

  • Uninterrupted operation of the e-shop
  • technical integrity and security of transactions
  • optimization of technical systems
  • addressing technical issues
  • reporting and record keeping
The information we process for this purpose is a combination of the information you provide to us. For example, the details of registration in the Account, data that we receive through cookies and similar technologies.

The legal basis for the processing is:

a) compliance with a legal obligation

For information security and confidentiality.

b) legal interest

For the security of networks and the prevention of fraud and unauthorized access to data, for our business continuity, the upgrade of our systems and our partners, for the development of our business activity and the management and optimization of technical systems, commercial our processes, processes that prevail  of the rights and freedoms of the subjects who reasonably expect that processing may take place for this purpose.

You have the right to object to the above processing by case of processing. It is pointed out, however, that the Company is entitled to demonstrate compelling and legal reasons for the processing. Which prevail over the interests, rights and freedoms of the subjects.

Statistical analysis

to evaluate and improve its services and procedures  e shop  that includes:

  • Evaluation and improvement of business processes
  • Better response and management of the e-shop
  • Research and / or analysis to better understand the needs of e-shop customers
  • Research and evaluation to improve existing products and / or services and develop new ones
  • Evaluation for the creation of new programs, offers, etc.
  • Adoption of new commercial and business models, programs and collaborations.
  • Promotion of the Company, our products and our services.
  • Sale and marketing of our products in other countries.
  • Availability and marketing of new products and services.
  • Advertising and promotion of our Company.
  • Improve your experiences
  • Delivery of related content
  • Quality research
  • Statistical analyzes
All data that we will collect in the context of previous processing purposes ( Transaction Data,  Cookies , Shopping, Campaign Effectiveness etc ..)


as aggregate and statistical data only, taking all the necessary guarantees that do not allow the identification of the subjects. Data collected from the respective cookies that perform this type of processing will also be used.

The legal basis of this treatment is

The legal interest  the company’s

a)  for the further compatible processing of aggregated data for the purpose of statistical analysis to improve its products and services. Observing all the necessary guarantees for the collection and processing of data that do not identify a specific subject and do not infringe on the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

b)  for the marketing of our products, for the analysis of the usability and functionality of the e-shop, for the degree of satisfaction of our customers, for the preferences of our customers regarding the offered items, for the improvement of  our business performance to improve our partnerships, always with respect for your rights, freedoms and interests regarding your personal data.

  1. To whom do we SHARE your personal data and WHY

In the context of the operation of the e-shop, the fulfillment of our contractual obligations and your best service, our Company reserves the right to cooperate with third companies-service providers, who provide us with support and gain access only to what your data is absolutely necessary for the service they offer us (eg your registration in the e-shop and the management of your account, the execution of the purchase agreement between us and the general provision of our services to you, the functional and computer organization of the website  the optimization of our products and services, etc.). These third party service providers agree under contract not to use your information in any way other than to help us provide the products and services we provide.  we agree.

In particular, our Company cooperates:

(a) With a third company which, as the executor of the processing by order and on behalf of our Company, hosts and manages our e-shop.
(b) With third party courier companies which, as the executor of the processing by order and on behalf of our Company, manage and process the shipments of your orders and also collect the money on our behalf in case you pay by cash on delivery. They also pick up and deliver to you products that you return due to withdrawal or return.
(c) With third party Email marketing companies which act in our name and on our behalf to send you the newsletter.
(d)  With advertising and marketing companies
(e) With data analysis companies
(f) Research companies
(g) Financial Institutions for the collection of the purchase price and Organizations for detection and prevention of fraud.
(h) Information systems supply and support companies,

We reserve the right to disclose your personal data to a third party to whom we reserve the right to choose to transfer all or part of our business. In addition, in case of merger or acquisition, or other change in our business, the new owners, shareholders, managers, etc. have the right to use your personal data in the same way as set forth in this privacy statement.

Your kept data may be disclosed to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. In addition, in case of a legal order, service order or official preliminary examination, the Company has the right to make the relevant data available to the respective service.


The Company generally maintains your personal data within the European Economic Area. In the event that data is to be transmitted to third countries outside the European Economic Area for which there is no adequacy decision of the European Commission or to International Organizations, all appropriate guarantees under current data protection legislation will be taken. transfers to third countries and the relevant information will be posted on the company website, at .

Automated individual decision making, including profiling

We use software to track your consumer behavior in case you are a member of the Shinefashion loyalty program,  during your navigation in our online store or for the purchases you make in the stores of our network in your capacity. This technology helps us to create a profile for you based on your preferences in our products. Our customer profile helps us to send you targeted offers and gifts based on your previous transactions. If you do not agree with the profiling for you, you can in any case exercise your rights and oppose or limit the automated editing (For more information see below).

Legal processing basis for automated individual decision making, including profiling, are for us the legitimate interests of the company taking into account whether your fundamental rights and freedoms are being violated by such processing. For more information on legal basis treatments see above.


  1. SECURITY of your personal data
  • Appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information we maintain from unauthorized disclosure, use, conversion or destruction. Where appropriate, we use encryption and other technologies that can help secure the information you provide. We also require our service providers to comply with the strict data protection and security requirements.

In particular, the data you submit to the Company is managed exclusively by specially authorized personnel of the Company who are under our control respectively and only by our order. For the processing, the Company selects persons or third parties with corresponding professional qualifications that provide sufficient guarantees in terms of technical knowledge and personal integrity for the observance of confidentiality. The Company, through the respective contractual commitments and its partners, takes all those necessary security measures to protect and ensure the confidentiality, confidentiality and integrity of personal data. In any case, their security in the environment of the platform is subject to reasons that go beyond its sphere of influence, as well as reasons due to technical or other weakness of the network not controlled by the Company or reasons of force majeure or accidental events.

You must not disclose the details / codes you have stated for opening your Account, which is personal and non-transferable. Our Company carries out regular quality and security checks on the systems and algorithms it uses, in order to correct the factors that lead to inaccuracies in the data.

  1. Retention time of your personal data

We will retain your personal information for as long as you continue to interact with us. At the same time, we keep your personal data for purposes of legal interest which consists of our legal coverage in case of any dispute regarding the contract of sale, the maintenance of your Account, our commercial policy or any other transaction between us,  for the period during which liability could arise from the processing, in accordance with the applicable legislation. Your Financial Data can be kept by our Company within the framework of its legal obligation to comply with its tax obligations. We retain your other data until you request us to delete it, or what we retain and process in the course of your consent, until you like it, or until you object to our processing which we base on our legitimate interest.

To determine the retention time of your personal data, we take into account the nature of your data, the quantity, the purpose of their processing, their security, etc. You have the right to ask us to delete your data. To exercise your right please visit the relevant Section in this Policy.

In some cases, we reserve the right to anonymize your data for research or statistical purposes, in which case they are no longer associated with an identifiable person, so we reserve the right to use this information indefinitely. In any case, your data is stored securely.


Purpose of processing

Shelf life

Member Registration /
Manage your Account

Until the deletion of your Member Account, up to 3 years from your last login. In case you try to create an Account, but you did not complete the process, the data you may have submitted will not be kept.

Purchases – Receipt of order, fulfillment of the order

If you purchase products, we will retain your transaction details for as long as it takes to complete the sale and to comply with any legal obligations (for example, for tax and accounting purposes). We will process your data for the period of time required to manage the market for the products you have acquired, including any returns, withdrawals, complaints or claims related to the purchase of that particular product or service.

Mission  Newsletter /  SMS / VIBER

If you have given us your consent, until its revocation or up to 2 years from the last time you opened a Newsletter / SMS / VIBER respectively, whichever comes first. In the event that the sending of our direct marketing is based on a legitimate interest, the processing of your data for this purpose continues until you object to the sending of such messages or up to 2 years from the last time you opened a Newsletter / SMS / VIBER respectively, whichever occurs first.

Customer service

If you contact customer service, a relevant file will be created (including the details of your question and our answer) and we will keep it as long as your request remains open and in any case up to 12 months. Temporary files may not be useful until more permanent files are available and will only be kept on a temporary basis.
Usability and quality analysis We will process your data during the period during which we will carry out an action or a specific research or until we anonymize your browsing data

Statistics analysis and research

Some items in your Account that we process for statistical or other analysis and research purposes, we process until and when we delete them.


If we do not have any communication with you for a long time (then we will stop sending you promotional announcements and we will delete the history of your relevant answers. This will happen, for example, if you never click on our Newsletters, if you never log in to a digital contact point or if you never contact us or make a purchase, or contact customer service during that time. space. The reason is that, in these cases, we assume that you prefer not to receive announcements.


Regarding your personal data that we have at our disposal and we process, you have the following rights:

  • to ask us to obtain  access  to confirm that we are processing them in accordance with the law and / or your own orders and preferences,
  • to ask us to correct  incomplete, out-of-date or inaccurate data we hold about you. Of course, we also reserve the right to ask you for regular updates of your information.
  • ask us to  delete , unless of course the law obliges us to the contrary.
  • to ask us to  limit  their use, under certain conditions,
  • to  oppose  in their use, under certain conditions,
  • to  withdraw consent  your use of them,
  • to have the right  portability  data, under certain conditions,
  • to  submit  complaint  to the supervisory authority of the country.
  • not  subject  in a decision taken solely on the basis of automated processing, including profiling, under certain conditions.

We offer you easy ways to exercise these rights, such as “unsubscribe” links, or through the customer service hotline at 2310550856 (local charge, Monday-Friday 09: 00-21: 00 and Saturday 09: 00-20 : 00, excluding public holidays), by sending an email to , by sending a simple mail to the post office of Anagenniseos 26, Thessaloniki, to the attention of the Personal Data Protection Coordinator.

Some of the mobile applications we offer may also send you unsolicited messages about, for example, new products or services. You can turn off these messages through the settings on your phone or application.

You have the ability through your Account, to configure your personal choices in our processing of your data for our commercial communication, ie to state in which media you want to communicate our news and our promotions, as well as preferences your Cookies.

For the security of your information, we may request certain information about you in order to identify you. Your right is exercised free of charge, however, when you exercise your right abusively we may ask you for a fee, in accordance with the conditions set by law. In any case, we respond to your requests within one month from the date of receipt of the request, except in exceptional cases where our response time to a request may be longer.


Right Illustration

Access (a. 15)

You can ask us to:


  • confirm if we are processing your personal data.
  • to give you access to any data you do not have at your disposal
  • provide you with other information about your personal data, such as what data we have, why we use it, to whom we disclose it, if we transmit it abroad and how we protect it, how long we keep it, what rights you have, how you can submit it a complaint, from which we obtained your data to the extent that no information has already been provided in this Policy.

Correction (a.16)

You can ask us to correct inaccurate personal data.


We may seek to verify the accuracy of the data before correcting it.

Delete (a.17)

You can ask us to delete your personal data:


  • whenever they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected or
  • when you unsubscribe from the e-shop (which will be deleted immediately anyway) or
  • have been illegally processed

We are not required to comply with your request to delete your personal data if the processing of your personal data is necessary:

  • for compliance with a legal obligation
  • for the fulfillment of another lawful purpose or other legal basis or
  • to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.

Restriction (a 18)

You can ask us to restrict (ie retain but not use) your personal data when:


  • their accuracy is questioned (see Correction) so that we can verify their accuracy or
  • editing is illegal, but you do not want to delete either
  • is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, but we still need them to establish, exercise or defend legal claims or there is another legal purpose of processing or other legal basis

Portability (a.20)

When the processing is based on consent, and is done by automated means, you can ask us to provide your personal data in a widely used structured format, in machine readable form, or you can request that it be transferred directly to another processor. However, this right, according to the law, concerns only those data that have been provided by the subject himself and not those that are inferred by the controller on the basis of the data provided to him by the subject

Opposition (a.21)

You may at any time object to any processing of your personal data, which has as its legal basis the legal interest of the Company or the performance of a duty performed in the public interest.

Withdrawal of consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent, where the consent is obtained as the basis of the processing. The lifting is done for the future. However, this right does not invalidate the lawfulness of the processing of your personal data, which is based on the processing of your consent until it is removed.

Rights in relation to automated individual decision making, including profiling

You have the right not to be subject to a decision made solely on the basis of automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects that affect or significantly affect you in a similar way.


Your right does not apply in the event that this decision is necessary for the conclusion or execution of a contract between us or is based on your explicit consent.

Supervising Authority

You have the right to file a complaint with the local supervisory authority regarding the processing of your personal data. In Greece, the supervisory authority for data protection is the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data – APDPH ( ).

ID card

We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard, and we reserve the right to request proof of your identity if you request such information.


We will not charge you for the exercise of your rights in relation to your personal data, unless, as required by law, your request for access to information is unfounded or excessive, in which case we may charge a reasonable fee under these conditions. We will inform you of any charges before completing your request.


Our goal is to respond to any valid requests within one (1) month of receiving them at the latest, unless it is particularly complex or you have submitted several requests, in which case we aim to respond within three months. We will let you know if we are going to need more than one (1) month for the reasons listed above. We can ask you if you can tell us exactly what you want to receive or what exactly is bothering you. This will help us to process your request faster.


In any case, you must provide specific and true facts and / or facts in order to be able to respond and / or satisfy your request accurately, otherwise we reserve the right to make any mistakes that are beyond our control. Our Company may also reject requests that are unfounded or excessive or abusive or in bad faith or generally illegal, within the framework of the provisions of the law.

Changes to the Data Protection Policy

We may make changes to the Privacy Policy whenever necessary. This Policy was updated on 12/12/2020.

To ensure that you are always aware of how we process your personal data we will update this Policy to include new services or products and the processing of your related data as well as changes to your existing personal data processing. You undertake the obligation to visit our website for any changes in this statement that may concern you. In any case, as long as you continue to use our Website and its services and the services of our Online Store after modifications have been made according to the above , you will be deemed to accept these modifications. If you do not agree to the terms of this Policy, as it may be amended, in whole or in part, you must stop using our services provided to you.

Any changes to this Policy will be posted immediately here.